Steve Richards

When you go to hear Steve Richards perform don't expect to hear Diamond, Elton, Elvis, or Garth as you've heard them on records. If
you've ever had the opportunity to experience the electricity of a live performance, by any of these musical greats, this is what
Richards delivers. After Sixteen years of performing to rave reviews, and standing ovations, Richards decided after a Nine year hiatus
to jump back into entertaining live audiences -- to slip back into what he loves best...performing.

Steve was looking through an entertainment publication that made mention of auditions for a lead vocalist to create a tribute to the
work of Neil Diamond. Challenged that he had never "impersonated" another's style, Steve decided to try his hand.

Steve found Diamond very difficult to re-create. So after several months studying the clips of Diamond "in concert", he felt he had
mastered the art of transforming his talents into an electrifying, uncanny Neil Diamond experience. With Neil under his belt, Steve
took-on re-creating the sounds of Elton John, Garth Brooks, and Elvis to boot. One would think the very different sounds and styles of
these music legends, would be a monumental...if not impossible task for one performer to create tributes to. Richards came through
with flying colors as people from every age group stood, and shouted their excitement at Richards shows. Commonly heard at his
shows the appreciative "Incredible", Electrifying", Uncannily accurate"...Etc. People were saying that watching Steve's tributes was "Like
watching that performer brought to life, as big, bold, hypnotic, and INTENSE, as the master himself".

I never had the chance to see The Beatles live as they briefly toured the states. I've always regretted that. But I have been "thrilled", if
you will, as I have watched the finest Beatle tributes, feeling I managed to finally capture a taste of the real thing.

Please, do yourselves a favor. Whether you have seen the above mentioned greats in concert, or not, Richards will bring you to a
wonderful place...where the same magic fills the stage. Eyes riveted, pulse elevated. No one is disappointed by magic..
Experience Steve Richards, and capture the Magic.
Tribute bands at their best are fundamentally about looking and sounding like
their famous counterparts, they are about capturing the essence and spirit of the
real article IN CONCERT.  This is what Steve Richards electrifies the stage
with..."in Concert" experiences with some of the most dynamic performers show
business has known: Neil Diamond, Elton John, Garth Brooks, and others.

Steve's passion for their sound, gesturing and style, provide the LIVE experience
that have excited audiences who came to see these greats...and felt the chills and
call for bookings