Steve Richards Tributes Site.
Dear Steve,

How do I start this letter off?
How about WOW!   What an event! You and your
band were absolutely amazing! I have never written an entertainer before, as I
always felt it was their job to be great as that is what I paid them for. Your
performance this past Saturday deserves my first and probably only letter of

The amount of energy you generated in the crowd was a sight that will not soon be
forgotten. I have been a General Manager of Private Country Clubs for over 12
years and have never seen a performer dazzle a crowd of Members like you did
this past weekend. I have booked many performers in my day and no one can
even come close to providing a crowd with such a natural talent as you did. I came
into work Sunday and was greeted like a complete hero. I actually had 14 voice
mail messages from my Members telling me that they had the best time they have
ever had at the Club. I would also like you to know we had the biggest crowd any
Member could remember. Please remember that my Membership has the ability to
get around and see many talented performers. For them to respond like this is
probably the greatest accolade I can convey.

I have never seen a crowd get into an entertainer like they got into you. I still laugh
when I think of all the candles and hands being waved in the air to your music. It
was a definite highlight of my career here at Calumet! Your band was first class.
The lights, sound, and music were the best I have ever seen, You are all true
professionals and should be proud of your band. I have people asking if you are
going to come back next year, as they want to bring more friends next time.
If you
come back I'll have to build a bigger room!

Thanks again for a most memorable evening. You did an absolutely outstanding
job! I look forward to working with you again. If you ever need assistance with
anything please feel free to use this letter or to have a prospective client call me. I
would guarantee the person that because of you and your associates that the
event they are planning would be a huge success!

T. J. Cook
General Manager
Calumet Country Club
To Whom It May Concern:

Club on Saturday, April 11, 1992. It gives me pleasure to tell you what an
exciting and energetic performance was given by Steve in his
impersonation of Neil Diamond. We This letter is to inform you that Mr.
Steve Richards performed at the Aurora Country had members present
that have seen a Neil Diamond Concert and they agree that Steve
Richards is every bit as good.

An hour and fifteen minutes of steady, pleasant music and songs. He had
our small crowd on its feet with standing ovations. A pleasant and
wonderful evening with Steve Richards. We all look forward to seeing him
again in one of his other impersonations.

J. W. Sanders
General Manager
Dear Steve Richards,

Just wanted to thank you and your band for our Friday night
entertainment at Buffalo Grove Days.

The audience loved the "Neil Diamond" show! Your professionalism and
performance was outstanding. Being an outdoor fest, crowds were
numerous & in a party atmosphere. You handled yourself well and for
those 90 minutes, our audience indeed felt that "Neil Diamond" had

Again, thanks for a great show and hope to have you back in the

K. Danenberg
Entertainment Coordinator
Buffalo Grove Days